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Remember when you first started your business, you dreamed of the time freedom, financial independence, and lifestyle it would bring...


But now, five years later, your reality is quite different. You're putting in 60-hour workweeks, family time is taking a hityour business growth has reached a standstill and you have reached capacity. It's clear that something needs to change! 


You may be running your business remotely to explore new places and travel, but you're working longer hours than you'd like to admit, leaving no time to enjoy new destinations. 


And, as long as you remain stuck in the admin, backlog, hiring, and firefighting chaos cycle...


Your business will NEVER reach its full potential, and you'll keep feeling tied to your laptop, unable to enjoy the freedom that should come from running your business.


Until you're completely drained and start thinking about giving up on your business even though you understand that giving up is not an option!

Instead follow a step-by-step roadmap to build the business you really want!


 So you can say goodbye to the hiring and operational headaches and build a team you can trust, so you're not stuck working around the clock.


 Break free from the never-ending chaos where you're always fixing problems, micromanaging your team, or even doing their work for them!


 Create a business that can run without you and that doesn't require your constant attention.


 Finally achieve the time freedom to enjoy running your remote business without being glued to your laptop 24/7.


  Create a super-organized business where you can find things without a struggle, saving you and your team from the headache of searching and wasting time looking for documents


 Say goodbye to admin and backlog as part of your daily to-do list that leaves no room for growth or strategy. 


 Make the most of your team and ensure clear daily tasks for everyone. No more confusion about who's doing what, and crystal-clear roles and responsibilities.


 Know exactly what tasks you'll hand over to your new hires before they even start working with your business, creating an environment of trust and efficiency. 


 Finally, focus on growth and strategy so that you can achieve the lifestyle and financial independence you're craving be the person behind the company. 


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Hi, my name is Shannon Teague


I am the co-founder of Scaling Up Simplified. I successfully scaled a remotely run recruitment company into a 6-figure success, grew my team to over 80, had a support team spread across the globe, and hired hundreds of people for our clients across the UK.
I developed an awesome remote hiring strategy. I spent over 10 years perfecting and testing this strategy.
This strategy helped me build my tribe, live the ultimate remote life, and free myself from daily operations.
Since 2014, I've fully embraced the remote business lifestyle all around the world. With my team and I spread across the globe. 
And now, I'm sharing these exact strategies with you through our online courses at Scaling Up Simplified. Our courses are simple but powerful solutions designed to help you "Build a Dream Team That Runs Your Business for You."
We're here to make sure you never have to stress over hiring or operational chaos again, so you can focus on growing your business and actually enjoy the TIME FREEDOM of running a remote business without being glued to your laptop 24/7!

That's living the dream! 

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Setting Ourselves Apart At Scaling Up Simplified...


  •  You'll get access to the best hiring method ever designed, so you won't have to guess your way through the hiring process. 


  • Implement our hiring technique that weeds out the unmotivated and unproductive applicants for you so you don't waste your time interviewing them, or even worse, hiring them and later realizing they're just plain lazy.


  • You won't face the issue of getting burned by bad hires AGAIN!


  • You'll never have the stress of team members leaving. Learn our secret methods to make sure roles are filled within a week, so by the time the team member's notice period is up, there's already a replacement in place.


  • You'll discover my secret job description magic formula. It finds people who match your high business standards, so you won't have to dig through CVs or Facebook groups anymore to find those hidden gems! My formula does the searching for you.


  • Build a company personality that works like a magnet. Your team will naturally click, and you'll attract people who share your love and passion for your business - aka company culture, especially crucial if you're new to hiring, to get the vibe right from the start and build from there.


  • Make sure your new hires hit the ground running. We're talking zero to hero on their very first day. You’ll get access to our done-for-you onboarding system. 


  • Learn a simple strategy to create a super-organized business where you can find things without a struggle, saving you and your team from the headache of searching and wasting time looking for documents -because in business, time is money, my friend!


  • Imagine taking a holiday and not worrying about the business going up in flames. You’ll discover the easiest way to build an operational system that makes your business almost run itself.


  • You'll master the secret sauce for building a dream team that can actually run your business for you. Yep, you can totally chill while your team takes care of business.


  • You'll be given a complete list of done-for-you hiring, onboarding, and operational systems and copy-paste processes that take out all the work and heavy lifting for you.


  • You'll uncover how to set up rock-solid processes and systems that let you take that holiday without your phone buzzing nonstop. Finally, a real break!


  • Say goodbye to wasting money on subpar Upwork or Fiverr freelancers! Discover our easy-to-use freelancer hiring method and access our trusted freelancer network.


  • You'll get the lowdown on how to lay the foundations and build specific processes and tasks for each role you need in your business. Once the work is done, it's done! You can easily hire multiple people for the same position. This sets you up for real business growth and more time for, well, whatever you want to do!

The AI Toolkit For Company Culture Hiring   

$27 Lifetime access!
Original price $97
A Proven, Step-By-Step Process For Building a Team You Can Trust, Eliminating The Risk of Getting Burned by Bad Hires By Focusing on Building Your Company Culture!




The AI Roadmap To Identifying Hiring Needs 

$47 Lifetime access. Currently 90% discount

Leverage AI, Company Goals, And Time Management Hacks to Zero In On Your Hiring Needs. Follow a precise roadmap focused on the skills and positions that directly align with your business needs, boosted by insights from A.I.


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Remote Hiring Made Easy Academy


Learn More - Our Flagship Course


Most small business owners don't realize the importance of structured systems for successful hiring, time freedom, and business growth – but those who succeed are the ones building hiring, onboarding, and operational systems that give them real freedom!


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Hiring Method Simplified

Revolutionized Remote Hiring And Retaining Solutions For The Long-Term Success Of Your Business. 





Scaling Up Simplified

Unlock The Master Code To Explosive Business Growth By Recruiting A Powerful Team, Attracting Loyal Clients, And Building A Life Of Freedom!




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