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Revolutionized Way To Find, Hire & Retain Talent Anywhere In The World,  Maximizing Your Chances Of Success In Your Business And Building a Life Of Freedom

Does This Sound Like You? 

  • You're over it! You can't do it anymore! Your business owns you, you don't own your business. 
  • You don't want to work in your business anymore and you can't stand the thought of working for any other company ever again!
  • You have lost all drive, motivation, passion, and love for your business.
  • You are working around the clock, constantly putting out fires! If you don't babysit your team nothing gets done correctly. 
  • You have attempted to hire it went terribly wrong, you don't trust anyone to do a better job than you in your business. 
  • You can't remember the last time you took a holiday and are too scared to take the desperately needed time off because you can't trust your team. 
  • There is just no good staff out there, running a business without you being there every second of the day is a myth.  
  • You dream of a life of freedom and travel, the life you envisioned the day you quit your job to go on this bold journey of starting a business. But that is all a distant memory now. 

But I Already Work Every Hour Of The Day, How Could I Possibly Complete a Program That Will Transform My Business & Life?...


  • Is it your goal to free up your time this year? 
  • Do you feel that you have no time at all because you are always managing your team's mistakes? 
  • Have you realized that the way things are currently running isn't allowing you to drive your business forward and focus on the growth of your business? 
  • You need more team members but it's so hard to find talent, no quality applicants. 

If you have answered yes to these questions, then completing our Hiring Method Simplified Program should be at the top of your priority list. This isn't just a course that will teach you how to hire, it is a step-by-step strategy that will teach you how to remove yourself from your business.

It is your handheld guide to freeing up your time, working fewer hours, and creating a business that won't need you there every second of every day.

If you are serious about changing your life and transforming your business, tired of feeling burnt-out, then a lack of time is no excuse!


This Is For You If: 

  • You want to discover a solid hiring and retaining process that produces results with every hire. 
  • You want to free up your time in your business and finally have a life again. 
  • You want to hire a team that increases your profits and empowers your business to grow exponentially. 
  • You want a stress-free night of sleep again, peace and rejuvenation.
  • You want to feel in control of your business.
  • You want to be a great leader, a leader your team looks up to and follows by example. 
  • You want to step away from the business by having solid systems that work like a well-oiled machine. 
  • You want to live a life of freedom, the life you dreamed of the day you quit your job. 


This Is Not For You If: 

  • You want to keep failing at the hiring process and running yourself to the ground. 
  • You want to continue working 80 hours a week, missing dinner with your family and friends.  
  • You want your business to stay stagnant and continue working in your business, instead of focusing on growth. 
  • Continue having sleepless nights, and feeling burnt-out, feel like you want to give it up. 
  • You want to continue feeling like your business owns you. 
  • You want to continue having no time to be a leader, your day consists of putting out fires. 
  • You want to continue working in your business every second of the day, without you your business stops functioning. 
  • You want to continue running yourself to the ground, questioning why you started a business.


We Are 100% Committed To Helping You Create A Life Of Freedom 


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Free Training: Put Your Hiring On Autopilot & Free Up Your Time

Why Our Hire & Retain Program Is Like No Other 

We Understand That Your Time Is Limited, Our Program Is A Quick And Extremely Effective Solution To Getting Your Life Back!

  • Our Methods Don't Just Teach How To Hire And Retain Top Remote Talent In Your Business. The Strategies We Teach Will Set The Foundations Needed For Exponential Growth.
  • Our Methods Empowers Business Owners To Live Anywhere In The World With A Thriving Business That Requires Very Little Input From Them. 
  • Our Methods Will Provide You With The Strategies Needed To Finally Trust Your Team Enough To Take Time Off, And Live The Life You Day Dream Of. 
  • How To Automate Your Hiring Process. 
  • How To Onboard New Global Employees While Being Fully Compliant In Their Country- So You Can Massively Expand Your Talent Pool To Overcome The Challenges Presented By The Great Resignation. 
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Calls, Handheld Support From a Team Of Coaches That Understand Your Struggles. 
  • Learn On The Go, Download The App! 
  • Step-By-Step Process On How To Hire Remote And Global Teams.
  • Step-By-Step Process On How To Introduce Your New Team Members Into Your Company And Remove Yourself From The Day To Day Management Of Your Business. 
  • Private Facebook Community Group For Around The Clock Assistance And Support From a Global Community Of Business Owners That Understand Your Pain. 
  • Global Networking Opportunities Via Our Facebook Community––Showcase Your Brand!
  • All The Templates Needed For The Success Of Your Next Hire, From Customizable Employee Contracts To A Solid, Foolproof Recruitment System For Your Business.
  • Eliminate The Cost Of A Middle-Man Recruitment Agency.
  • A Bulletproof Recruitment System.
  • Done-For-You Templates.
  • Software Demonstrations. We Do The Ongoing Research For You.

'Simplified 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. No-Risk, If You're Not Satisfied We Will Provide You With A Full Refund (T&C Applies).

Our Methods Will Empower You To Live Anywhere In The World With A Thriving Business That Requires Very Little Input From You! 

Journey To Freedom By Learning How To Hire & Retain Dream Teams


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Hiring Method Simplified

Revolutionized Remote Hiring And Retaining Solutions For The Long Term Success Of Your Business. 

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Scaling Up Simplified

Unlock The Master Code To Explosive Business Growth By Recruiting A Powerful Team, Attracting Loyal Clients, And Building A Life Of Freedom!

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Your Path To Transformation

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Hire Your Amazing Team, Grow Your Business And Live A Life Of Freedom & Success!

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Our Program Is The Solution You Have Been Looking For

I challenge you to ask yourself––what is the alternative? Continued hiring failure? Staff that keeps departing, or not meeting probation?

Continued sleepless nights? Dreaming of the day you can step away from your laptop or phone for even one weekend?

Vacillating between wondering why you started a business in the first place, to being scared of losing it all?

This is not the way a business should be run and not the proper reward for embarking on your bold journey that took so much courage. 

  • Solve all your hiring and retaining problems and more. 
  • Grow your company in unprecedented ways while freeing up your time. 
  • Get access to all the templates needed for the success of your next hire, from employee contracts to a solid, foolproof recruitment system for your business.
  • A step-by-step strategy for hiring global teams legally without having to set up entities in those countries. 
  • This course is the solution you have been looking for.
  • Stop surviving and start thriving! 

Course Curriculum

  Section One: The Hiring Part

👉 Panic Hiring & How To Avoid It

👉 The Ultimate Candidate Funneling Tool / Funneling Only The Best Talent For Your Business

👉 Value System, Mission, and Vision Statement

👉 Killer Job Description & Filtering Process / Never Read Unworthy Candidate CV Again!

👉 Key Performance Indicators  - KPIs

👉 The Profiling Tool - Hire Your Weakness 

👉 The One & Only Recruitment System / Designed To Deliver With Every Hire

👉 Careers Page For Your Business

  Section Two: The Retaining Part

🛑 The Onboarding Process / Long-Term Success Of Your Team! 

🛑 Systems & Processes /Remove Yourself From Your Business

🛑 Leadership, Delegation, And Team Meetings / Leading Your Team

  Section Three: The Thinking Globally Part

⭐ Remote Work Is Here To Stay / The Future Of Work And Metaverse

⭐ Global Hiring / How To Think & Hire Global Teams

  Bonus Section

🧑‍💻 Softeware Demonstrations For The Ease Of your Journey. We Do The Research For you! 

🧑‍💻 Interviews With Leading Influencers In The Industry To Help You Every Step Of The Way

🧑‍💻 Course Updates: Lesson Updates To Keep Up  With The Latest Technology Trends And Information

Are You Ready To Build a Life Of Freedom?

If you are ready to transform your business, free up your time, systemize your business to remove yourself from the day-to-day running, and put your hiring on autopilot, then book a call with one of our Simplified Specialists today! 

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