I went on a mission to build a remotely run business to travel the world & to provide that opportunity for my team. This Was 9 years ago, was before it was a trend....


My name is Shannon Teague, and I am a woman intimately familiar with the dread and stress that business owners face from having empty seats and a high turnover of staff––I know because I am a business owner myself, and because I’ve served business owners as clients for many years. After founding and building a successful recruitment company for eight years, being the No1 supplier in the UK to 5-star hotel chains such as The Fours Season Hotel, I bore witness to a myriad of hiring and retention problems that left company owners feeling helpless and questioning why they started a business in the first place. 



I cultivated a deeply personal understanding of the anxiety that business owners face when we fail at either seeking out incredible staff or keeping them onboard. After years of trial and error, I endeavored to develop a codified hiring system that would bring an end to this most common of problems for business owners worldwide. Upon arriving at a system that proved successful for both me and my clients consistently and over time, I knew it was time to share my experiences and revelations with long-suffering business owners around the world. I embarked on a mission to teach business owners how to create dream teams, wrote and published two books on the matter, and developed a results-proven hiring and retaining course which provides business owners with both the time and financial freedom that empowers them to live anywhere in the world with a thriving business that requires very little input from them. 


A dream without a plan is merely a wish, our course will give you an actionable plan to make your dream a reality


I understood that achieving this level of success requires dedication, imagination, risk-taking, and most importantly, a dream team. I am adamant about this truth because I have seen it play out over and over again: without an incredible team to support your business, you create a job in which you likely earn less than you did in the one you quit to embark on your entrepreneurial journey. You find yourself wearing all the hats instead of the most important one. 

I know from experience that running a business isn’t for the faint-hearted; it takes guts to go for the life you dream of. But having a dream is not enough. Although visualization is an extremely important element to success and achievement, it must be backed up by strategies. The problem is that most business owners are under the impression that reading multiple CVs and interviewing loads of candidates is a strategy, and subsequently find themselves disappointed by high turnover of staff and undedicated employees, resulting in owners working around the clock to fix errors and replace seats while flailing halfheartedly to grow their businesses. 


A strategy delivers results, and if the results fail time after time, then something in your strategy is not working––it’s time to reflect and reassess. That is where the Hiring Method Simplified Course comes in. My strategy is a revolutionized, results-proven recruitment solution to hiring and retaining amazing employees––a strategy that drives your business forward and moves you closer to your dream life––the life you envisioned the day you quit your job to start a business. The Hiring Method Simplified Course empowers business owners by providing strategies that work. 

Everything That Is Included In Our Program

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