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5 Key Functions Needed To Run Your Remote Business

Jul 22, 2022

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Have you started the hiring process or understand that you need to start hiring remote team members but have no idea where to start? In today's blog, I am going to discuss the 5 functions that every business needs to be successful and ensure that every element of your business is looked after. 


If this is an element you are struggling with in your business be sure to read it till the end of the blog. 


Download the 5 functions needed to successfully run your remote business PDF: Click here to download your PDF copy of the 5 key functions needed to successfully run your remote business


Let's jump right into the first function


Function 1: Finance

  • Numbers in business are everything. 
  • Understanding the finances in your business will help you assess whether your business is growing or stagnant. 
  • The name of the game should be a return on investment, you've poured your blood, sweat, and tears into this business, and you deserve profits. 
  • Having enough cash to invest in your business is one of your duties as a CEO 
  • It is recommended to outsource the financial management of your business to an accountant and bookkeeper to ensure that this element of your business is being maintained like a well-oiled machine. 
  • When your company grows, you will need a finance department and CFO dedicated to taking care of your business's finances, keeping a regular tab on your outsourced accountants and bookkeepers, and verifying everything. 
  • But in the early stages of the, an entire finance department is unnecessary.


Function 2: Sales and Marketing

  • Although these are two different sectors, we will combine them as one in this description for simplicity. 
  • Marketing is where the show begins. 
  • You create awareness and excitement about your business among the target audience.  
  • Good marketing generates leads, whereas the sales team closes the deal and converts the leads into potential customers. 
  • Your branding, core values, mission, interest, and problem-solving ability are going to play a significant role in your marketing.
  • Sales work in conjunction with your marketing as interested leads make a purchase, counting as a sale. 
  • Marketing is a broad scope, and you should know how many people will be required to carry out the marketing within your business. 
  • Every important role goes on your organizational chart. For example, a social media manager won't necessarily manage the SEO within your company. 


Function 3: Customer Support and Service

  • Once your marketing is successful and the sales increase, you will have a growing customer base. 
  • Tending to all their needs is what your future growth depends on. 
  • The customer support team will need to swiftly attend to your customer's queries and solve their problems. 
  • Providing a great experience will allow you to get return business from the customer, building a loyal fan base. 
  • Why do you think people line up in front of Apple stores for hours during the launch of new iPhones?


Function 4: Operations

  • Every process and system executed falls under operations. 
  • You need skilled people to use systems and develop great products to ensure quality, efficiency, and capacity; deliver as promised to the customers. 
  • Most business owners are visionaries like me and struggle in the operations phase. 
  • Therefore, hiring an operations manager should be at the top of your priority list.
  • You could have multiple ideas regarding your business, but you also need someone to hold you accountable and keep you on track until the set goal is accomplished. 
  • Your operation manager will take care of daily business operations and make sure that everything runs smoothly. 
  • You, as a CEO, should work side by side with them to ensure all timelines are met. 


Function 5: Admin and Management

  • These are vital roles because they include all admin-related tasks, feedback, communication with clients and customers, meetings, etc. 
  • It helps you keep your business organized. 
  • Filling this position should be your first recruitment duty. 
  • If you delay hiring an admin manager for your business, you as a CEO will have to spend most of your day dragging through the details and never get to focus on the growth of your business.
  • Each department needs a manager that oversees all the instructions, systems, and processes directed by operations and you the CEO. 
  • Management will also be responsible for the first stage recruitment and interview process if you don’t yet have a talent acquisition team in place. 
  • Therefore, they must be trustworthy and ensure they are following your company's remote hiring process to hire the best people for your company. 


I really hope this blog has helped you if you are stuck with which role to hire first or if you feel something is missing in your business and couldn’t quite pinpoint it. 



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Until next time I am wishing you peace, happiness, freedom, and success. 

Shannon Teague, 

CEO Of Scaling Up Simplified.



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