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5 Tools For Your Remote Teams Wellbeing

Jul 15, 2022

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So you are afraid that your remote team is burning out? They are working too many hours in the day and you want to find solutions to ensure that they are looked after and don’t reach a point of burnout. 


You would like to create ways for you and your team to feel connected and supported? Then read this blog until the end because I am going to provide 5 helpful tools to help with your remote team's well-being 


Now let's jump into the 5 tools for remote employee wellbeing. 


Tool 1: Timely, which helps with your team's work/life balance boundaries and staying balanced. 

  • Working all the hours in a day is a common problem faced by remote employees.
  • Without physical barriers separating you from work and home, it’s too easy to do an extra hour here and there. 
  • Before you know it, you’ve worked its bedtime and you have had no rest time, then you wake up and repeat. 
  • This is where Timely comes in, it is such an awesome tool for sticking to your daily working hours. 
  • Tracking all your work activity automatically and showing where you are in your weekly capacity, therefore never working over your dedicated hours and reaching burnout. 
  • It helps to keep workloads, tasks, and overtime visible to you and your managers so that you can be aware when your team is working too many hours and offer proactive support. 
  • I know this is a great position to be in, having such a dedicated team that loves their job so much they can’t switch off but it is critical for their long-term success, productivity, and mental well-being that they take the necessary time off. 
  • Timely is also great for your employees to automatically generated a timeline of their entire work day, laying out everything they have achieved. 
  • Having this feature would give your team a boost to continue working hard. 
  • We all know how great it is to track our successes. 

This moves me on to the next tool......


Tool 2: Officevibe, for employee engagement and feedback

  • Officevibe is a helpful tool for understanding employee engagement. 
  • When you’re remote it can be harder to build stronger and more meaningful relationships and feel part of an organization. 
  • Officevibe Gives your team a safe space to share their thoughts in only  2-minute which helps strengthen remote teams and will make your team feel more visible even being remote. 
  • The idea around it is that employees are empowered to share exactly how they feel while still remaining anonymous. 
  • This gives them an instant safe space feeling within your company. 
  • Because the feedback is discussed as a team, it also helps foster a culture of openness allowing your team to feel seen, heard, and trusted, which can give engagement a major boost. 
  • In my hiring strategies, company culture is the biggest element to success. 
  • Therefore using tools like Officevibe that help build on your company culture can be a great way to ensure the success of your team and business. 


Tool 3: Dewo for doing more rewarding deep work

  • This is personally one of my favorite tools out there, well all the tools I am mentioning today are my favs but this is a super cool tool, and here is why!
  • Maintaining focus can be tricky for remote employees, particularly when coworkers can’t see that you’re in a state of deep work. 
  • You are constantly being interrupted by requests or questions. 
  • This is where Dewo comes in to save the day, it recognizes when you enter a productive flow state and activates a “do not disturb” sign on your platform. 
  • You and your team know not to contact the team member that has entered this state. 
  • It does so by blocking notifications from chat and email apps and also automatically updates your Slack availability for you. 
  • It also highlights the apps that distract you most to help you build more presence in your work.
  • Image the quality of work that will be produced by your team with having such as app in your business! 


Tool 4: Culture Amp for employee recognition and development 

  • It is so important to show appreciation for your team's hard work.
  • Culture plays a massive role in every part of the hiring and retaining process in your business and for the overall happiness of your team. 
  • When you’re working remotely, it can be hard to feel part of something, or even feel that you’re recognized and appreciated. 
  • This is where Culture Amp comes in, it is a great tool that gives remote employees a voice and promotes employee wellbeing. 
  • Since Culture Amp also enables remote employees to take control of their own development, it’s an empowering way to drive behavioral change and ensure employees feel visible and engaged.


Tool 5: Bamboo HR for managing remote employees' vacation entitlement

  • Now I know that may be thinking why would your team need a holiday if your company gives them the opportunity to work on a beautiful tropical island. 
  • We all need to switch our brains off and even take a holiday from the island lifestyle from time to time, believe me I know, I live on a beautiful tropical island called Koh Phangan in Thailand and I am getting to the point of needing a bit of a change.
  • But this isn’t about me, let's move on. 
  • Bamboo HR is super helpful for employees to quickly and easily know how much vacation entitlement they have. 
  • This means they can plan time off, or if they’re feeling stressed, know they have the option of taking a well-deserved break. 
  • With Bamboo HR’s time-off calculator, employees can check their remaining time off from their phones. 
  • As well as see how much vacation they will have accrued by a certain date, allowing them to plan and look forward to future breaks. 
  • Because BambooHR allows remote employees to book time off without having a back-and-forth with their manager, it also boosts their sense of autonomy and cuts down on time-wasting asking, booking, and getting holiday approval. 
  • This means that you and your team are focusing on more important tasks. 


These are just some awesome tools for managing a remotely run business, there are so many cool tools out there that you can use to manage your remote team, and ensure they are happy and looked after. 


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Until next time I am wishing you peace, happiness, freedom, and success. 

Shannon Teague, 

CEO Of Scaling Up Simplified.

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