Aug 05, 2022

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Contemplating whether or not you should hire remote teams? In this blog, I discuss the 6 advantages of hiring remote teams to help you in your decision-making, read till the end if this is a decision you are struggling with in your business or if you are struggling to understand the benefits of going fully remote.


Let’s jump right into the juicy stuff....


Companies are starting to consider whether or not to return to the office after the madness of the last 2 years. My company has been remotely run since 2014, I am a big believer in running remotely, and here is why: 


Advantage 1: Being fully remote reduces business costs

  • Gone are the days that you need to pay for office space, staff to manage the office, maintenance, and everything else that goes into running a buidling space.
  • The money that you used to spend on office space you can now spend on increasing your business profits and growing your business, hiring more team members to help grow your business. 
  • One of my favorite ways it reduces costs is that you can hire teams in countries where the labor is cheaper and because you are paying less than you would in your home country, you can pay your team member more than they would get paid from any other company in their country.
  • It is a great way advantage for both you and your new employees.
  • Because you are reducing your costs in all these great ways you can spend more on great company benefits such as a team-building week on a cool tropical island and offering cowork space allowances. 


I think you get an idea of all the fun ways you can save going fully remote, let’s move on to the second advantage. 


Advantage 2: Remote workers are more productive

  • Research suggests that remote workers are around 20-25% more productive than in-office workers.
  • The reason being is that there are fewer distractions such as managers and coworkers interrupting their workflow, and remote workers find it easier to get into a deep state of focus.
  • Allowing autonomy also allows workers the opportunity to work in their own flow, we are all different and some people function better at night while others function earlier in the day.
  • I personally function best at 5:30 am, that is my most productive and creative time. Most people think I am crazy but I love waking up early. 


Advantage 3: Access a larger and global talent pool

  • This is also one of my favorite advantages and I go in-depth about this in my program hiring method simplified.
  • Gone are the days when you need to hire someone in your town, city, or even country.
  • With the right guidance, we can access a global talent pool and put an end to the great recession we hear of. In my not-so-humble opinion, you are only facing labor shortages if you limit your mindset around global hiring. 


Advantage 4: It reduces costs for employees

  • Your team will no longer need to cover the costs of transport costs traveling to and from work.
  • Not only does it save your team money but also loads of time. I had a friend that traveled 5 hours a day to work and back, she now works from home and couldn't be happier, she is a different person because of this one change in her life, which leads me to the next.    


Advantage number 5: Employee retention

  • If we think about this in practical terms, people are more likely to stay in our company if we offer them the lifestyle and flexibility they seek, the work-life balance they are after.
  • If your company supports them being a digital nomad for example or supports them working at home to look after their children and spend more time with their family.
  • Why would they leave your company that gives them this lifestyle to work for another company that doesn't? 


The 6th advantage: It is greener

  • Because we aren’t using transport means to travel to and from work, think of how much pollution is being reduced on a daily basis.
  • I am sure you could remember during the pandemic time but the oceans and skies were so much cleaner.
  • Well not everyone is driving to work every day, think of what an impact that will have on the environment. 


And that my friends are the 6 advantages of going fully remote, I really hope that this blog has helped you decide to stay remote.


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Until next time I am wishing you peace, happiness, freedom, and success. 

Shannon Teague, 

CEO Of Scaling Up Simplified.


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