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The success of your new team member meeting their probation period and remaining in your business on a long-term basis is determined by how you introduce them into your business which is often where most business owners go wrong when starting the hiring process. 



Business owners often think because they have hired someone with the right skills they must just come in on their first day and carry on with things. Your business works differently from every other business they have worked for and your new team members need to be trained on how your business functions for their success in your business. 


If this sounds familiar then read till the end because today I am going to provide helpful tips to retain your awesome team members. 

This is a quick and to-the-point blog providing solutions to this area of your business. 


Let's jump right in…. 


The first key to the success of your new team members is the onboarding process: 

  • Every business needs to have a set process that introduces new employees to their business for the success of their probation period. 


  • If you don't currently have an onboarding or probation period in your business and are struggling to retain staff, this is probably why.


  • It is not the employees' responsibility to set the dynamic and find their place in your business; it's yours as the business owner. 

There Are Three main elements that need to be considered for the onboarding process.


The first is Empathy: 

  • When a new team member joins our company, we need to introduce them to the company and set the tone for what it will be like working for your company. 


  • Your new remote team member needs to be introduced to the team; they need to feel like they are part of the company and the team from the very first day. 


  • The onboarding process is an opportunity to show off your company culture, the reason they applied to your company in the first place. 


  • When I refer to empathy, it's because you need to put yourself in your new team member's shoes. How would you feel if you joined a new company and were just left in the dark? No introduction, no training, you were just expected to crack on with your job because "you have the skillset after all?"


  • This mindset of a business owner could not be more incorrect! You wouldn't feel great, I am sure? 

The second is the Induction and Welcome Pack:


  • A fantastic way to introduce your new remote team member is by providing a beautifully branded welcome pack that explains everything they need to know about your company.  


The third is the Training, Processes & Systems:


  • Business owners are, for some reason, under the impression that because they have hired someone with the skill set required for the job they would not need any training. 


  • As I mentioned earlier, every business functions differently, and every person who joins your establishment should be provided with the opportunity to receive formal training on the role they have been appointed for. 


  • Before you even think of hiring, you should know the step-by-step process of how every role within your business functions. 


  • Systems and processes should be created before your new team joins your company and be used during the formal training as a guideline on how to perform in their role. 


  • Systems and processes also replace you as the business owner from being there all the time, every minute of the day once the probation period is over and your new team member is comfortable in their role. 


  • It is essential to train your staff on how to work within your company to succeed in their role. 


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Until next time I am wishing you peace, happiness, freedom, and success. 

Shannon Teague, 

CEO Of Scaling Up Simplified.