Aug 12, 2022

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It was a challenge for business owners to hire in-person staff, and now with this new remote way of working, business owners seem lost and have no idea where to start and how to hire remote teams and employees. 


If this sound like something you are struggling with in your business, then read till the end because in this blog I provide three strategic steps that you should think about and implement in your business when hiring remote teams or even just a remote employee. 

Let's jump right into the 3 steps…

Step 1 is attracting the best candidates for your business! 

  • In business, we hear the word targetting and think of it as a marketing strategy for attracting your next client, lead, or sale.
  • The same theory applies to attracting the next fantastic remote team member for your business!  


And how do we do this? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself….


  • How is your job description targetting the right audience, meaning suitable applicants for your business specifically? 


  • Stop and ask yourself how your business is communicating with the applicants out there. What message are you sending applicants applying for your job? 


  • How does your company stand out from its competitors on the job sites?


  • And what benefits will the applicants receive from working with your business? 


  • When I speak of benefits, I am not referring to money or health care benefits, although in most countries in the world, receiving health care is an incredible benefit this is not what I am referring to when I talk about benefits. 


  • I am referring to the kind of environment that your company offers. 


  • Does your company provide flexibility within the role?


  • Does your company allow its team to work from anywhere in the world with no issues? Corporations usually don't allow this kind of flexibility, and that is how you can stand out as a small business. 


  • Your job description needs to create excitement amongst the applicants, therefore, targetting the suited candidates to your business because your company environment and the benefits your company offers align with the candidates that will be applying to your company.  


  • For example, your company provides the lifestyle that they seek. 


  • Why would you work anywhere else if all your basic human needs are being met?


  • Some of my team have moved with me from previous businesses and we have worked together for over seven years because my business provides the environment, lifestyle, and flexibility they seek from a job. 

I think you get the idea, let's move on....


Step 2 is The filtering process


  • Like a marketing strategy, your job description needs to have a call to action that candidates follow to prove that they are excited to apply to work for your company.  


  • The purpose of the call to action in the job description is to filter out the candidates that are not suited to your company environment. 


In my program we teach a step-by-step strategy on how to create and use your company values, mission, and culture to develop your hiring process for your business, to ensure that you are funneling in only the very best suited candidates for your company, my strategies aren’t about hiring the best-skilled candidates out there, it is about hiring the best-suited candidates for your company and training them on the skills they may lack. 


  • My general rule in hiring is that skills can be taught but attitude and passion can’t.  So when developing your hiring process, always keep this rule in mind.


Step 3  is the Recruitment System 


  • Like every other element in your business, the hiring sector needs to be systemized and processed in order to ensure that you are delivering results with every hire. 


  • Too often when I speak to business owners for the first time and ask them what their current hiring strategy is I always see a blank face, hiring strategy? What hiring strategy? 


  • The answer is usually the same, I post a notice on social media, I ask around, I hired a friend of a friend or even a friend, or I just post a job description listing the skills and read hundreds of CVs. 


  • We all need to start somewhere but these are not strategies guys, these methods will only get you so far because they are not determining whether the candidates applying is a good fit for your business or not, and hiring in this manner will create a team of people who 1, don’t fit in with each other and 2, will result in having a high turnover of staff. 


  • To hire successfully, every business needs a recruitment system that delivers results with every hire and the results should be that your team get along really well and your new team member loves their team, your company, and their new job. 


  • Too often, I hear business owners complaining that they struggle and are never successful in recruiting within their business. Yet, when I ask if they have a recruitment system establishment in their business, the answer 99% of the time is no. 


  • Some of the key factors needed in a successful recruitment system are: 


  • creating a targeted job description as I have mentioned in step 1.
  • Having a solid call to action as I have mentioned in step 2.
  • Having an interview process within your recruitment system that ensures the candidates you are interviewing will fit into your company and team. 

When hiring within your remote business, these are just some ideas to think of. In my program, we have a 17-step results-proven recruitment system that we teach business owners that can just be copied and pasted into their business. 



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Until next time I am wishing you peace, happiness, freedom, and success. 

Shannon Teague, 

CEO Of Scaling Up Simplified. 

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