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Most people fumble through online job boards, social media, and Google Docs — but those who succeed are the ones building hiring systems that give them real freedom!

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Dear Entrepreneur On the Verge of Burnout...


If you’re like most small online business owners, you're working 24/7 and slogging through every single job application that lands in your inbox.


Sure, you're doing something. You're "hiring," I guess.


But there's one huge, looming problem...


You’re stuck — drowning in daily tasks and wishy-washy hires who don’t get your vision. The dream of the "laptop lifestyle" seems laughably out of reach.


Sound familiar? Overwhelmed, late nights, missing out on holidays, and feeling like your business owns you.


It’s enough to make you want to close shop and become a hermit.


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YOU WANT TO take control of your business and gain clarity and direction for its growth. YOU WANT TO create a hiring system that works on autopilot, freeing up your time so that you can focus on growing your team and business to the next level without feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

 But hold up – it doesn’t have to be that way…


Instead of the chaos, imagine hiring top-tier talent, and processes mapped out, and sipping cocktails on a beach while your business runs smoothly.


Would that interest you?


Here’s your answer: Remote Hiring Made Easy Academy

Here Are 3 Good Reasons Why This Course Is Your Ticket to Freedom

Reason 1: Foolproof Online Hiring


👉 Stop gambling with your hires. Our done-for-you AI-based systems ensure you get the right people who vibe with your company culture.

Reason 2: Onboarding & Process Mapping 


👉 No more patchwork processes. Your team will know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to smash it out of the park.

Reason 3: Operational Systems for Days 


👉 We help you put the systems in place so your business runs without you. Yeah, you can actually go on that vacation.

Introducing Remote Hiring Made Easy Academy - The Surefire Way to Build a Trustworthy Team Without Getting Lost in Operational Chaos! 


This course shows you how to stop being a slave to your business and start living the dream.


Here’s what you’ll snag when you enroll now:


👉🏼 A  plug-and-play hiring process and system that takes you from A to Z, and it's tailored for the online space. Plus, our system puts your company culture front and center. Seriously, you won't find anything like this out there!


👉🏼Forget slogging through stacks of CVs – honestly, CVs are outdated in our playbook. We're living in the digital era, where there are far smarter ways to make sure candidates match your business vibe and goals.


👉🏼 No need for guesswork, thanks to A.I. we've got a ridiculously simple method to help you shape your company culture, vision, and mission.


👉🏼 Ready-to-use onboarding and process mapping systems.


👉🏼 A full suite of operational templates, so your business runs itself.


👉🏼 Tutorials that break down how to use A.I. to make your business a lean, mean, efficient machine. We're talking future-forward stuff here!


👉🏼 The freedom to live that laptop lifestyle, without the business calling the shots.


Would You Trade Being Overworked for Freedom?


All this is yours for just the cost of missing another weekend getaway!


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This isn’t just a course; it's your new life. So why wait?

A little about myself and the expertise I bring to share these revolutionary systems with you...


I am Shannon Teague, I started and grew a remote recruitment company into a 6-figure success story. We had a team of 80 and served clients all over the UK.


Having online hiring, onboarding, and operational systems running on autopilot was a game-changer. They brought in and kept the PERFECT people who believed in our vision, and company culture, and could work independently from me.


Yep, your company culture matters even when your team is online rather than in the office!


I came up with an awesome strategy that resulted in hiring hundreds of talented individuals.


It wasn't just for my own amazing team, but also for our clients' businesses.


I spent years perfecting and testing this strategy to make it awesome.


This strategy helped me build my tribe, live the ultimate remote life, and freed myself from daily operations.


Since 2014, I've fully embraced the remote business lifestyle all around the world. With my team spread across the globe, we went on exciting adventures.




I personally faced a whole bunch of challenges and setbacks. I made some serious mistakes when hiring and growing my team and ended up bringing in people who just didn't fit my business at all. I wasted a ton of profits, over £20k, and it nearly shut my business down. 


I was working my butt off, putting in insane 70-hour weeks, stuck as the face of the business. I couldn't step back and focus on growth and strategy. I ran myself into the ground and even had a freaking panic attack because I was always operating at full capacity, constantly on the go. 


I figured out that to really take your business to the next level, where you can step back as the CEO and things still run like a charm, it all starts with building strong foundations: hiring the right people, nailing onboarding, and having a solid operational system. These are areas where many small business owners, myself included, often trip up. After tons of trial and error in my recruitment company, I finally struck gold.

Before mastering these ground-breaking stratgies...


  • I was grinding non-stop, getting dangerously close to burning out


  • Everyone on my team was doing a bit of everything, with no clear job titles or roles for anyone, including myself


  • My hiring strategy was old-school – I'd write job descriptions that focused on skills, and I'd go through every single CV that landed in my inbox, without any system to filter out the right fits before even considering interviews


  • I was the go-to for every little thing in the business. I played firefighter and babysitter all the time, which left me zero room to focus on growth


  • My business growth had hit a plateau. We were even saying no to potential clients because we were maxed out


  • With no company culture defined, our team turnover was high. Nobody really clicked, so people came and went all the time!



  • I needed a hiring approach that could pinpoint candidates aligned with my company's long-term vision and culture.


  • Also, an onboarding system to ensure my team felt at home from day one.


  • Plus, streamlined processes for the roles I was hiring, so my support team and contractors could excel without my constant input.


  • I needed solid systems in place for everyone to have a clear place and understanding of their roles in my business, armed with the right tools to get the job done.


  • I realized that I needed to pause and build the foundations: establish a strong company culture, outline essential positions for growth, create clear processes, and only then recruit the perfect fit for those roles. Instead of the old approach where I hired first and tried to figure things out as I went.


This was the ultimate path to growth!

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After pouring three years of hard work, diving into world-class business coaching, and navigating through trial and error, I finally reached the success I had been yearning for!
✓  I finally stopped being a contractor in my own company and hired an incredible team of 80 to replace me! 

✓  I was finally able to hire the support team my business desperately needed. This meant I could work remotely and travel the world while my business kept running smoothly back in the UK.
✓  I could finally take a break from the day-to-day tasks and focus on growing the business.
✓  We became the number one supplier in our niche, dominating the five-star hotel sector across the entire UK!


✓  I scaled my company to a six-figure business.


✓ I fulfilled my lifelong dream of exploring the world while fully embracing the remote working lifestyle. I had the incredible opportunity to work and live in some of the most amazing places across the globe, soaking in diverse cultures and experiences along the way.






Module 1

Setting the Foundation for Successful Remote Hiring & Business Growth


  • Lesson 1

Avoid Panic Hiring: Strategies & Tactics

  • Lesson 2

Attract The Right Candidates Company Culture And Benefits 

  • Lesson 3 

Aligning Applicants: Core Values, Vision, And Mission

  • Lesson 4 

Future-Proofing Using AI: Culture, Benefits, Values, Vision & Mission

  • Lesson 5 

The Culture-Driven Candidate Filtering System

  • Lesson 6 

Role Clarity: Internal Job Spec And Fine-Tuning With AI 

  • Lesson 7

Creating Role-Specific KPIs And Fine-Tuning With AI 

  • Lesson 8 

Crafting An Irresistible Job Description

  • Lesson 9 

The Ultimate Profiling Tool: Hire Your Weaknesses 

  • Lesson 10

Building An Impactful Careers Page

Module 2 

Building a Remote Hiring System From Scratch


  • Lesson 1.1

The Roadmap for Setting Up Your Hiring System: Digital Infrustructure Setup

  • Lesson 1.2

The Roadmap for Setting Up Your Hiring System: Digital Hiring

  • Lesson 1.3

The Roadmap for Setting Up Your Hiring System: Digital Interviewing On Autopilot Setup

  • Lesson 1.4

The Roadmap for Setting Up Your Hiring System: Digital Proficiency Assessment

  • Lesson 1.5

The Roadmap for Setting Up Your Hiring System: Digital Job Offer and Talent Pool Creation

  • Lesson 2 

Building Your Hiring Process: A Step-By-Step Guide. Done-For-You Hiring Process

  • Lesson 3 

Simplified Hiring: Utilizing our Plug-and-Play Hiring System

  • Lesson 4 

Building Your Automated Hiring System 

Module 2.1 

Supercharge Your Hiring: Deep Dive into Social Media & Job Boards


  • Lesson 2.1

Supercharge Your Reach with Social Media And Remote Job Boards

  • Lesson 2.2 

Crafting Facebook and Instagram Ads for Hiring


Module 3  

From Onboarding to Autonomy: Systems for Long-Term Team Success and Time Freedom


  • Lesson 1 

The Foundation of Remote Onboarding

  • Lesson 2  

The Foundation Of Creating Systems And Processes

  • Lesson 3 

Leadership And Team Meetings Explained: Inspiring and Motivating Teams

  • Lesson 4

Automated Team Meetings & AI Note-taking Made Easy

  • Lesson 5

Simplifying Business Systems and Organizing Workflow Part 1

  • Lesson 5.1

Plug-and-Play Business System Part 2 Streamlining Systems

  • Lesson 6

Streamlining Roles through Process Mapping & AI Process Creation

  • Lesson 7

The Ultimate Plug And Play Onboarding System


Module 3.1 

Mastering CRM Management


  • Lesson 3.1

Simplified Weekly and Daily CRM Task Management for You and Your Team


  • Lesson 3.2 

Transitioning From Spreadsheets to CRM Business Systems


Module 4  

Future of Work: Freelancers, Remote Teams, and Cross-Border Tax Compliance


  • Lesson 1: 

Unlock the Benefits of Remote Work: Exploring the Future of Virtual Work Spaces

  • Lesson 2  

Tap Into the Global Talent Pool: Strategies for Compliant Global Hiring and Team Building

  • Lesson 3 

Hire The Best Freelancers On Upwork And Form Long-Lasting Relationships 

  • Lesson 4

Hire The Best Freelancers On Fiverr And Form Long-Lasting Relationship

Get instant access for only $479

P.S. I’m so sure you’ll love the freedom that comes with a well-oiled business machine, I’m offering a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not 100% stoked, just hit me up for a refund.

Order now and we'll toss in these killer bonuses to make sure your business hums along, even when you're off enjoying your life!

Lifetime Access To The Program and updates - Valued at $2000

✓ The Roadmap for Setting Up Your Hiring System - Valued at $500 

✓ Done-For-You Hiring System - Valued at $500 

✓ Done-For-You Hiring Process -    Valued at $500 

✓ Done-For-You Company Contact System - Valued at $100 

✓ Done-For-You Customer Onboarding System - Valued at $100  

✓ Done-For-You Digital Toolkit System - Valued at $100  

✓ Done-For-You Employee/Freelancer Directory System - Valued at $100  

✓ Done-For-You Lead Management Database System - Valued at $100  

✓ Done-For-You Support Case Tracker System - Valued at $100  

✓ Done-For-You Customer Satisfaction  System - Valued at $100  

✓ System Drive Setup Mastery System - Valued at $100  

 Hiring System step-by-step guide - Valued at $200 

  100+ remote job boards and Facebook Groups Database - Valued at $100

 The 'Plug-And-Play' Remote Hiring System - Valued at $500

 Daily And Weekly CRM Task Management System - Valued at $100

✓ Hiring System Development Toolkit - Valued at $200

✓ 50 culture-based questions  - Valued at $50

✓ 50 skills-based questions - Valued at $50

✓ KPIs and Key Metrics Defined for FB ads - Valued at $50

✓ The Company Playbook: Your Company Fundamentals - Valued at $20

 The 'Done-for-You' Remote Employee Contract - Valued at $500

 The 'Done-for-You' Job Offer Letter - Valued at $100

 The 'Done-For-You' reference check letter  - Valued at $50

 The KPI-generating system - Valued at $20

 Culture-Driven Filtering System - Valued at $200

✓ Pre-Made Email and Calendly Templates for Effortless Hiring - Valued at $300

 Plug-And-Play Onboarding System - Valued at $500

 'Done-for-You' Staff Induction Manual - Valued at $50

 The Ultimate Onboarding Checklist - Valued at $30

 The Ultimate Delegation System - Valued at $100

 Global Delegation Mastery: Our Nine-Step System - Valued at $20

 The Foolproof Freelancer Hiring Process - Valued at $50

 Partner Perks: Unlock Special Discounts with Our Collaboration Program


TOTAL VALUE =  $7490

TOTAL =$479


Get instant access for only $479




Social Media Power Pack: 21 Ready-to-Use Canva Templates for Posting and Ads

  • Access a collection of 21 professionally designed Canva templates that are ready to use for your social media posting and advertising needs.


  • No need to start from scratch or spend hours designing graphics—these templates are pre-made and can be customized to fit your brand and messaging.


  • Save Time and Effort!


Accountability Partner Weekly Group Q&A

  • Resolve Software Queries, Plug-and-Play Issues, and System Development Challenges.


  • Stay Ahead with the Latest Software and Technology Trends for Enhanced Business Hiring and Operations.


  • Join our weekly live Q&A sessions to have all your questions answered and confusion sorted out by our team.


Let Our Team Polish Your Description Before It Goes Live

  • Expert Feedback: Our team will review your job description, providing valuable feedback to make it super awesome and attract your ideal candidates.


  • Fail-Proof Job Descriptions: Our feedback bonus ensures that your job description is foolproof, helping you identify and address any missing elements before going live.


  • Target Your Tribe: Get feedback before going live to make adjustments that resonate with your desired audience and attract the right candidates.


From Zero to Hired: Facebook Ad Step-by-Step Tutorial for Online Hiring

  • Discover a hands-on, step-by-step tutorial for running Facebook ads to find your amazing online team.


  • By the time you finish the tutorial, you'll have a live ad ready to bring your awesome team into the hiring funnel system we teach in the program.


  • Plus, here's an extra treat: no need to hire a Facebook ad agency. We've got you covered with an easy-to-follow walkthrough and the Facebook mastersheet to help you handle your ads like a pro.


Networking Without Borders

  • Join Our Global Community and Share Your Business with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs from Around the World.  


  • We Offer a Community for You to Share Your Business with Our Members.


  • Opportunity to Promote Your Business and Grow Your Network!
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P.S. I’m so sure you’ll love the freedom that comes with a well-oiled business machine, I’m offering a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not 100% stoked, just hit me up for a refund.

Some of the incredible spots I've visited because of my business...

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P.S. I’m so sure you’ll love the freedom that comes with a well-oiled business machine, I’m offering a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not 100% stoked, just hit me up for a refund



We want you to feel confident in your decision, which is why we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee

So dive in, give it a go, and if it's not your cup of tea, we've got your back. No hard feelings, we promise!


We simply request some proof that you've actually given our awesome systems a try. Without putting in the effort, you won't genuinely know if our systems can benefit your business

This isn’t just a course; it's your new life. So why wait?

Get instant access for only $479

P.S. I’m so sure you’ll love the freedom that comes with a well-oiled business machine, I’m offering a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not 100% stoked, just hit me up for a refund. *T&C apply