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Remote Team Mastery: Understanding Job Titles And Skills

You’re not acting as the CEO or business owner

When you’re bogged down in admin, chasing your tail, and managing everyday tasks, you’re not in a position to focus on growing the business!


You’re currently tapped out, you’re at max capacity and teetering on the edge of burnout. You need to switch things up in your business, bring on team members that can take things off your plate, support you in running things efficiently and enable you to step into that CEO role




We’ve already established that you need to hire… but who? What tasks do you need to hand over? What responsibilities will they have?


Hiring someone without a plan in place will simply create more of the same problems you’re currently experiencing


Uncover the exact job titles and skills you need to bring on board in your online business to finally get the much-needed support


This will allow you to take a step back, focus on growth, and start freeing up hours of your time every week!


What you'll get: 

 All 8 lessons - valued at $1000
 Ready To Hire Red Flag Indicator Checklist - Quickly determine when it's time to make a hire in your business for seamless growth valued at $30
 Task Navigation Guide for New Hires - Ensure a smooth transition for your new hires with a comprehensive list of their tasks and responsibilities - valued at $50 
 Critical Hire Navigation Formula - Streamline the hiring process and make informed decisions with the 4 replacement formula solution for navigating each critical hire in your business - valued at $50 
✓ Done-for-You Internal Job Specification - Clarify the responsibilities and expectations for each team member with a done-for-you internal job spec - valued at $100
✓ Simplified Business Systemization Strategy - Streamline your business operations and enable easy scaling with a super simplified strategy - valued at $1500
 Done-for-you revolutionary CRM system Trello board that simplifies daily and weekly tasks task management, helping you and your team reach your goals effortlessly - valued at $100
 Done-for-you, pre-made Canva template for creating process maps with ease and streamlining your business operations - valued at $100
 A customized organization chart for your business with our done-for-you Canva template. Say goodbye to hiring confusion - valued at $100

Wait, that's not all... get instant access to:  



Maximizing Your Backlog: A CRM System Strategy for Weekly Planning

  • Gain access to an exclusive strategy to plan your week. 
  • Gain control of your backlog and move your business forward.



The Organizational Chart Design Bonus Template

  • Make sure you never miss a single detail when it comes to hiring your next employee with our quick and easy organization charting strategy. 
  • With this bonus, you'll learn the fastest way to create a visually appealing organizational chart that will represent your company accurately and effectively.
  • Not only will this save you time, but it'll help you plan your future hires and decision-making. 
  • Unlock the bonus now and create a streamlined hiring process that will set your organization up for success.



The Time-Saving Task Tracking Formula 

  • You'll also get access to our exclusive library of resources to help you identify the key job titles to hire and how to structure your team to maximize efficiency. 
  • Plus, you'll be able to download our exclusive time-tracking formula to help you determine which tasks are taking up all your time but not moving your business forward. 
  • Finally, with this bonus, you'll be able to free up your time and focus your energy on the things that really matter.

What People Are Saying:

"My company is growing and growing and the manager that I recruit is amazing, I'm now thinking to have one more manager in order to reduce the bottlenecks and also to work less :)"