Online Program Curriculum: Grow Your Remote Team & Business

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1. The Hiring Part: Most Efficient Remote Hiring Process Ever Designed

👉 Panic Hiring & How To Avoid It

👉 Company Culture: Candidate Funnelling Tool 

👉 Value System, Mission, and Vision: Ensure Applicants Align With Your Business

👉 Killer Job Description & Filtering Process: Stop Wasting Time Reading CVs

👉 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Ensuring Goals Are Always Being Met

👉 The Profiling Tool: Hire Your Weakness 

👉 The One & Only Recruitment System: Designed To Deliver With Every Hire

👉 Careers Page For Your Business

2. The Retaining Part: Setting The Foundations For Growth And Free Your Time 

🛑 The Onboarding Process: Long-Term Success Of Your Team! 

🛑 Systems & Processes: Remove Yourself From Your Business And Focus On Growth

🛑 Leadership, Delegation, And Team Meetings: How To Be A Excellent Leader 

3. Grow Globally: No More Borders Or Staff Shortages 

⭐ Remote Work Is Here To Stay: The Future Of Work And Virtual Reality Work Spaces

Global Hiring: How To Think & Hire Global Teams While Being Tax Complaint. No More Staff Shortages

⭐ Hire The Best Freelancers On Upwork Without Wasting Time Searching For Hours

⭐ Hire The Best Freelancers On Fiverr Without Wasting Business Profit On Low-Quality Results 

4. Structure Of Your Remote Team: Take Your Business To The Next Level 

🧑‍💻 The 5 Functions Needed For A Successful Business 

🧑‍💻 The Organization Chart: Where To Place Your Team

5. Software Demos: Simplify & Automate Your Business

🧑‍💻 Hiring & Team Management Simplified By Using Software

🧑‍💻 HR & Onboarding Simplified By Using Software

🧑‍💻 Hiring Freelancers Simplified 

🧑‍💻 Global Hiring Simplified 

🧑‍💻 Legal Simplified! No More Legal Fees For Contracts And Legal Documents


It is your goal to grow your remote team, free up your time to focus on business growth, and build a life of freedom?

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