Online Program Curriculum:
Hiring Method Simplified: The Ultimate Guide To Recruiting And Retaining The Best Remote Team

1. Remote Hiring Success: Creating The Most Effective Remote Hiring Process  

  • Avoid Panic Hiring: Strategies & Tactics
  • Attracting The Right Candidates For Long-Term Success Through Company Culture
  • Creating a Harmonious Fit: Aligning Applicants with Your Business's Values, Vision, and Mission
  • Unlock The Keys To Mastering Candidate Funneling: Learn To Write Job Descriptions That Attract The Right Candidate & Never Read An Undedicated CV Again. Saving At Least 10 Hours a Week On Hiring!
  • Unlock Your Success: Mastering KPIs to Achieve Optimal Performance
  • Unlock Your True Potential: Leverage Your Weaknesses to Enhance Your Strengths with The Ultimate Profiling Tool
  • Creating an Unbeatable Hiring Process: A Step-by-Step Guide
  • Crafting a Career Page: Unlock the Power of Your Business by Creating a Professional and Engaging Online Presence

2. Harnessing Retention Power: Strategies To Increase Team Success, Sustain Growth & Reclaim Your Time  

  • Unlock Lasting Success: Mastering The Onboarding Process for Your Team!
  • Maximizing Efficiency Through Systems & Processes: Automating Your Business to Unlock Growth
  • Leading With Authority: Achieving Global Success Through Delegation, CRM Management and Team Meetings 

3. Global Expansion: End Staff Shortages And Open The Borders In Your Business

  • Unlock the Benefits of Remote Work: Exploring the Future of Virtual Work Spaces
  • Tap Into the Global Talent Pool: Strategies for Compliant Global Hiring and Team Building
  • Strategic Freelancer Hiring: Get Quality Results Without Breaking the Bank
  • Hire Top Freelancers Quickly and Affordably: A Proven Strategy for Maximizing Business Profit
  • Leverage Upwork And Fiverr To Find The Perfect Freelancer Quickly And Easily

4. Creating a Rock-Solid Remote Team Structure: Unlocking Your Company's Full Potential

  • Unlock the Secrets to Business Success: Mastering the 5 Essential Functions
  • Unraveling the Puzzle: Constructing an Effective Organization Chart

5. Software Demos: Streamline Your Business With Automation

  • Unlock Efficiency & Streamline Team Management: Harness the Power HR and Management Software
  • Simplifying HR & Onboarding with Software Solutions
  • Making Sense of the Freelancer Hiring Process: An Easy-to-Follow Guide
  • Unlock Your Global Talent Pool: A Step-by-Step Guide to Streamlining Your Global Hiring Process
  • Employee Contracts & Legal Documents: Mastering Legal Simplified Software for Hassle-Free Agreements
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